Sunday 18 November 2018

Winter Dining Dates - Kali Orexi......

Our hillside village boasts one of my own favourite places to dine, Ilias Taverna and come the Winter months as we all retire back up the hill when, we now have time to spend with our friends and family whom are also likewise and otherwise too busy working during the Summer Season here so we now relax a little.  Now we can enjoy a meze or two at Ilias Taverna.  See  A popular venue for holidaymakers too during the hot and humid summer nights 'Under the Vines' - see photo.

Nothing is better during the long, often cold winter months, than an evening spent enjoying the delights of a Meze at our local taverna, supping a few glasses of wine and delighting in the local tastes freshly prepared here.

A delight in the summer, as you sit outside and take in the village views and countryside below under the Grapevine Pergola, which shades you from the intense summer heat - come the winter months it offers a warm and welcoming venue too as George and his brother Ilias light their wood burning stove.  You can almost feel you are sat outside as they have an outdoor area, glassed in, so still plenty of views or if you prefer, dine inside and enjoy the amazing array of photos from times gone by in the village. 

Food delights are freshly prepared : including their homemade Tsatski and Taramasalata dips, Chicken and Pork kebabs, a freshly made Greek Salad or my own favourite being Felafel's Balls all served with  Hot Pitta bread and mouthwatering freshly prepared chips to name just a few delights.  Always ask as they often have a Special Dish too.....

At least once per month a few of us 'girls' meet up and enjoy a good ole chat and catch up, exchanging news, views and our own Winter menus and of course remembering some of the events and highlights of the summer just past.  We have time to relax, enjoy, laugh and also not worry about getting up the next day too early!!! - Very Important......

So if you are visiting or stay nearby out of season drop in or if holidaying during the mainstream holiday months you should certainly pay a visit to this taverna.

During the summer, Ilias Taverna is also open during lunchtimes and can be reached by local buses - during the off season Winter months it doubles up as a great meeting place during mornings and lunchtimes for locals as a Kafeneion too. 

However for me, many years back,  once I discovered this little gem it so quickly became a favourite and authentic place to dine.  I lived in the main town area years back then and would drive an hour or so on a precious Day Off to enjoy.  So now I am fortunate it is almost on my door step oh OK at least 5 minutes walk away!!!!.............
Yammas and Kali Orexi.......

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  1. Definitely on list of to explore next holiday x

    1. And I am sure you will enjoy the village views and delights too.....thank you for posting

  2. Ate there in 2017. A crowd of us went up one night. Must do it again.

    1. Yes we must do it again come the Summer when you are back over xx