Tuesday 16 April 2024

 Winter & Spring flowers in a Village in NW Corfu

It will soon be the 'real' start of the Summer season here in Corfu for 2024.

With many direct flights from European hubs which started back at the end of March and watching the app via flight radar every morning this is gradually growing with the number of flights arriving daily as the island opens up once again after a sleepy Winter.

Those who follow my Face Book page Corfu Selections will know I also provide links for independent travellers, especially those coming or choosing the North West part of the island. 

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However apart from this little hobby, I enjoy the laid back life here in our village on the North West part of the island, called Avliotes.  With a population of around 1.100 we enjoy a year round village community offering it's residents and holidaymakers: a butchers, bakers, post office, chemist, a few local coffee shops, known as Kafenions, minimarkets for your daily essentials and even a year round taverna for evening meals, overlooking the valley below. This all supports our local owners and their businesses.  Pertched on the hillside between the main resorts of Agios (San) Stefanos, Peroulades with the stunning Logos Beach and Sidari. 

A very happy place to live. We are away from the maddening crowds, can grow later in the Summer many veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers.peppers, aubergines, lettuces which are ready now for a sald and have several fruit trees including Peaches and apricots.  There is something very rewarding in popping into the garden to 'pick your own'. No green house or gown fast needed - just natural sun, water and warmth. So far this Winter, Beetroot, Lettuces, Spring Onions, Cabbage, Brocoli and Cauliflowers.

So today I offer you a few photos from the Winter & Spring before we enter into the warm, hot & heady days of Summer captured in a few photos from our little garden where whenever we can we relax and enjoy the Winter temperatures afforded to our island.  Many of our flowers are from visitors who have become friends whom know I love my flowers and brought over packets of seeds for us to experiment to see which grow happily here.

A F.A.Q is what the weather like in the Winter or even early Spring when the direct flights start?

Yes it can be cold sometimes -3c in December & Januaryin the evening but a mild 12c daytime. Yes you need a form of heating during these months.  February tends to be wetter - hence the Emerald Green Island that greets you.  And March & April, well so far we have had a range of daytime tempsbetween 18c even hitting 30c a few days ago however dropping to 15c once the sun disappears, I have found that heating is no longer required come mid March and we clean our open fireplace as no longer use it for the main source of heating.  Air conditioning for an hour or so on a warm mode will comfortably survice.

Most days now we can sit outside in a tee-shirt, although not quite flip flop weather at the moment, well for me.  My more hardy friends have even swam in the sea!!! 

As always if I can assit you with Living here questions or holidaying via our services then just check out my website www.corfuselections.com or follow me on my Facebook page Corfu Selections.

If you are visiting this Summer - I wish you a wonderful holiday filled with great memories. If it is your first time enjoy the Filoxenia offered by the Corfiots and for those returning 'welcome back'...........

Lesley @ Corfu Selections.