Sunday 27 January 2019

Doors & Windows Tell a Tale in a Village

With Christmas and New Year for 2018/19 behind us,the weather in Corfu has been very harsh so far this Winter.  So many visitors in the Summer ask me about living and retiring in Corfu.  I think based on this Winter,  I may also be harsh & very honest with my feedback.....

So today it was a pleasant and a very welcome surprise after 2 weeks of rain, very heavy rain, dampness , some friends have reported flooded homes and also we had some snow it settled outside in our garden and parking area now that's a first for me in as many years, yes we get Snow on the Albanian mountains across the valley which bring the bitter winds but snow in your garden.!!!!!

So today with the sun shining although a still chilly just 7c at midday -  I ventured out as there was sun - I could at last open the windows and doors I needed fresh air and to venture out and go and look at the little village windows and doors someone asked me about.....

Here are a few windows and doors from our lovely little village, it's a shame to see so many houses now abandoned, is it the economy?  well we know life changes and people move on etc? There is so little employment in Greece many of our youngsters have moved abroad to study and find work in UK, Germany, USA etc so will these houses remain unloved and alone.

There must be many stories to tell ......... So if you know of any stories behinds these facades I would love to hear more......... The one opposite with the grey windows and shutters is from my husband Aris' mother house when she lived in the village almost 50 years ago now abandoned such a shame, although I did see it on a website selling property would certainly be a 'project' as marketing people put the spin on.....
She now lives in the valley on her small farming land at 93 years old......

A Very Happy Sunday from a Sunny Village today.......


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