Monday, 24 February 2020

Is Winter Over? Potato Salad for All....

Is Winter Over?

Well its been a few months since I have last posted so what have I/we been upto this once again Wonderful Winter here in Corfu. 

Here is my first post from this Winter and more to follow....

Potato Salad      

After finishing work at the beginning of October the first thing we tackled was our overgrown garden with so many sun scorched & bald patches and almost full with weeds etc from the summer of no water. So we invited our friend Christos with his tractor to plough the land. We could then think about winter veggies - of course we needed a few wet days which we were blessed with to assist him and his tractor otherwise after a dry summer the land would have been similar to cement in Mid November.  We had a few days or rain and he was in his glory as he ploughed and sang and was so happy we then had a fertile plain to work with.

So land overturned and then settled this was then perfect - so come December before the frost arrived is when we planted some potatoes and other Winter root veggies.  Happy to say we harvested out first wonderful sweet baby potatoes this week and what a wonderful potato salad they made with some Spring Onions, local Olive Oil and mustard and mayo dressing - a meal in itself. Oh not forgetting the fresh mint also picked from the garden too......

The end result was very yummy nothing better than freshly picked potatoes from our garden........ with a lovely lettuce too which due to a mild winter had already thought about joining us too.  I would add we didn't use any grow quickly chemicals or even put under glass we are fortunate to live in a place in the village here in NW Corfu with daytime sun which assists these Winter Gem seeds ( I brought over last Winter from UK so hardy - if they grown in the UK they certainly will flourish here)......and they did......

So more updates to come before returning to work again.

Thank you for enjoying my blog and please feel free to share and comment.

Kind Wishes from Life In A Corfu Village by Lesley Ann @ Corfu Selections.


  1. I really enjoy seeing and hearing what your up to during the months that Vicky's is closed.....Xx

    1. Thank you and glad you enjoy my blogs for recipes etc look to your right in Achives for some local menus too.......

  2. Been looking forward to an update, and you’ve not disappointed.
    Love the sound of those potatoes, they look scrumptious.