Thursday 28 September 2023

Tomatoes Leave Us - Lettuces now Greet Us

Bye Bye Tomatoes - Here Come the Lettuces 

As the Summer slowly rolls in to Autumn the last of our Tomatoes are really trying hard to ripen. It will be sad to see them leave us until next year......

Over the past few days with daily temperatures reaching 27c during the daylight hours and despite the forecast of storms, rain and generally bad weather our Lettuces instead decided it was time to show their leaves too.

Yesterday, the heavy rain  resulted in 10 minutes of light rain up here in our village in NW Corfu.  So hubby (Ari) still needed to water the veggies. We wait now courtesy of our garden for our salad diet to change from Tomato Salads to Lettuce, Spring Onions and Dill. 

Evenings are very pleasant, dipping down to 18c, clear dark skies with stars twinkling overhead. These temperatures make for a long undisturbed comfortable sleep, no longer do we need the air conditioning either (thinking too about the electricity savings made). A light throw and no duvet so far.

Roses are budding and the beautiful wild Margaritas (Daisies) are plentiful. My home is comfortably cool and the bright flowers adoring add sunshine and smiles.  Only my opinion, however if all year could be just like this, then really we would live in Paradise? Well I would.

It will soon be October when slowly the leaves will drop, drying these as they make a great mulch to dig into the Winter soil too.

It's great weather for our visitors, a few hours in the sun for Vitamin D, ideal for exploring and walking and the sea is warm having warmed up all Summer.

As the nights become longer and cooler we can reflect on the joys of Summer and the gifts of the Winter which will soon be with us all...... 

 Lesley @ Corfu Selections

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