Sunday 8 October 2023

Sunny Sunday in October

 A Sunny Sunday in October.....

I am often asked ''How's the weather in October?''

My answer is it is normally still sunny and warm.  Warm enough to sit outside, keeping the doors and windows open until the sun drops.  Great for walking as not too hot and you do not need air conditioning to sleep at nights. Yes much quieter than the busy high season months, just perfect for me.

In fact I still haven't put a duvet on the bed, just a light throw over the top sheet.

For me, I wish it would be such as this all year round.

The leaves are slowly falling from our grape vine and fruit trees. However, I do miss the golden and red colours of Autumn leaves in London, England - although I certainly do not miss the English cold winds or many years back even snow when visiting during October !!

Today it is once again a mild 25c approaching midday with a clear blue sky and just a gentle warm breeze.  Actually a perfect day for a BBQ, however, as it's Local Election Day, Ari has walked up to the village school to cast his vote and as I have no idea on how to barbie, I will instead roast a chicken with lemon potatoes, leaving me time to relax and enjoy the sun and warmth outside in our garden and finish my book.  Almond (Book 3) and the Silver Saint by Jim Hawkins.  I so enjoy reading Jim's books, yes I can refer to him as Jim, having met Jim and his lovely wife over in the resort of Agios Stefanos N.W. Corfu more then 15 years ago and he has become a very good friend to Ari and I since then. If you haven't read his books, then check out on Amazon, especially if you enjoy Corfu and a Corfu based book. 

Happy Sunday everyone from a sunny Sunday in October here from our hillside village in Corfu.

Lesley Ann @ Corfu Selections.

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