Thursday 13 December 2018

Christmas is almost here - Getting the Village House Ready.......

Christmas is Coming - Getting the House 
Ready - With being the 12 days of Christmas, which my parents taught me, today was the time to decorate the house, I started today.  Now in fairness when I first arrived in Greece almost 36 years ago Christmas came and went with not much happening, I will say the 1st Christmas I stayed in Greece and I was only 23 years old then and after a very lively and lovely Summer in Corfu was asked to join a family over on the mainland for the Winter ( I taught English and did Babysitting too). However that first Christmas I actually cried - there was no Turkey, no tree actually nothing, no Internet, No WI-fi, Skype chat, Facebook or even English Programmes on TV just 2 channels then known as ERT1 & ERT 2 run by the government, I was totally alone but the family I lived with did love me but couldn't understand my tears and in those days I spoke very little Greek to explain my pain -  it was just a Pubic Holiday I really wanted to be back in London with loved ones, family, friends and unwrap my  presents and have some fun but felt all alone even though this wonderful family looked after me.  In those days people sent Christmas cards by post so I ventured everyday day to the local Post Office in hope of some UK or friends contact which cheered me those days I received many cards and this helped me through my first Christmas abroad....

 However over the years I mostly (due to my then management position for a Tour Operator)  had to then work away in other resorts overseas away from Corfu, here being only a 6 month destination and being employed back then 12 months of the year, had to go where I was posted to cover other Managers holidays,so again during the tour operators busiest times which meant once married I still never really got to enjoy Christmas with the hubby, so the first Christmas 11 years ago, when I hung up my Clipboard -  I was adamant I wanted a Turkey just as mum made it - well I paid a fortune and bought a fresh one - yes it was delivered live,  well the Greek husband knows all about killing,  feathering and hanging but it was RANK I have to say!!!!  So the following Christmas still determined to have a Turkey I bought a frozen one - well once again not up to standard so can I blame it on the cook or the oven - just wasn't how I remembered my London Christmas'  I suppose its a bit like drinking Ouzo or having a Greek salad once back from Greece it just never tastes the same it's the ambience's or what or where you are. So every year since I have bought a lovely leg of lamb, dressed it with fresh mint grown in the garden, lemons picked from the garden, Olive oil grown and produced here too and added Garlic - Christmas now is very low key for us but I do buy the Brussels Sprouts, Parsnips, have crackers on the table and bring from UK after the summer has ended whilst there is still direct flights mince pies and Christmas pud (I know others make these but I am not so clever)....

So tonight as we light the outside lights for Christmas I wish all my followers here on my bog spot a very Merry Christmas and also add a photo from our local village which will display in the village square over the Holiday period - Happy Christmas to All........

I would also like to add a Special Thank You for my Christmas Angel made by hand by Anne Wenz Dourou -


  1. Have a fantastic xmas and a happy and healthy 2019.

    1. Thank You Archie - wishing you well too - Merry Christmas - thank you for reading my blog.....

  2. The decorations look beautiful Lesley....and enjoyed your blog. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. See you in September.....Andria and John Xxxxx

  3. Thank You Andria & John - wishing you both a Merry Christmas time and a Happy New Year see you next September, thank you for reading this weeks blog - glad you enjoyed it xxx