Thursday, 10 October 2019

Fasolada - Greek Bean Soup

Well I always know when the Autumn and Winter are upon us as I can once again eat healthily and (in my opinion) properly. No more take outs or quick fixes here's to spending many hours in the kitchen which I actually look forward to !!........

Today 10th October started here in North West Corfu with brilliant sunshine and temperatures around 26c however overhead there seemed to be looming in from the left and heading this way coming from Italy a few very dark grey clouds but then Whoosh a wild wind and the heavens opened.  So it was fortunate that I had soaked my white beans overnight and had parboiled them this morning for tonight's hearty supper. 

Now - many may say Greeks eat too much meat but do they really?  My Greek husband (Aris) and myself,  dine and diet in the off season's months are beans, pulses, vegetables with a celebration meat dish on Sundays only.  I don't believe we are unique with this, as my Greek mother-in-law, still lives off her land, with again a celebration dish on Sunday only........ She's 96 so must be something in this Mediterranean diet thing then!!!!!

So how do I make Fasolada - Greek Bean Soup .......

Soak white middle or small beans overnight (not butter beans these are for a different dish called Gigantes which you bake in the oven).......
Rinse beans and boil and replace water once boiled with clear water and softly on a rolling boil again. Around 30 minutes.  Drain and set aside.  My own Tip as advised from the Mother in Law is Do NOT use salt as this point.

So beans are set aside so now in a frying pan or skillet use:

1 onion
1 slice garlic
fry in Olive Oil
then add 2-3 carrots sliced
1 potato diced
Celery (we picked our freshly from the garden) I used leaves but you can also use stalks if preferred.
Add tomato paste and half a tin of tomatoes (as we had fresh Italian tomatoes still in garden I used these)
Salt and Pepper and if you also want it a bit hotter add some paprika.
Saute all and then once all Al Dente add
to the beans in a saucepan.
Top up with water and softly boil for around an hour to all ingredients are soft and the sauce is thicker.
You can if you wish add a stock cube. I also add some more extra virgin Olive Oil to give it that yummy feel and taste........

Serve with Feta, Olives and chunky fresh bread. (My mother in law used to make her own Feta but now we just buy from the village shop - you know the feta in a big tin so you ask for as much as you need) In UK there are many supermarkets now that stock Feta - go for a good one though such as Dodoni.......

Well that's it for now as we are busy painting the house indoors so will be back in touch soon.

Enjoy your meal we will be tucking in shortly once all the juices are soaked into the Olive Oil.......

I always find this dish tastes better the next day once all the juices are absorbed - but Hey that's just me!!!!

Oh yes sorry - don't forget a glass of wine too......

Kali Orexi kai Yammas

Nite Nite from the Village.......

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