Tuesday 20 October 2020

Fasalakia - A Simple Warming Winter Dish to Try

Fasalakia - A Simple Warming Dish to Try.......

As we head towards the Winter here and we now retreat once again for the long nights in front of us,  I personally look forward to creating tasty but simple meals in our little kitchen in the village. 

This Summer, albeit it a very short one for all of us but thankfully we did have a few months here of happy visitors whom enjoyed the sun and space offered under the Greek sky in these crazy times we are all living in... (should I use the C word as in Covid) as Summer is now over here (although not Covid) and life becomes based thankfully once again around the home.

Retiring early every evening now, around 10pm for me anyway, as the nights become longer, I rise earlier in the mornings normally around 07.00 hours, which in the Summer months I then dream to sleep in longer, as it is a pleasure whilst working to catch a few more hours.  Now as the nights are longer, off I go to bed, read a book and fall asleep early with the darks nights - probably even earlier next week as the clocks go back, when the nights become longer, and the days shorter, however the sunrise will be earlier - it will be a time to enjoy (hopefully) bright sunny mornings and get lots of my domestic jobs done whilst it is still cool to do so. October 20th today and a very balmy 22c - a beautiful day All in All.

Today I made Fasalakia, a simple dish of Green Beans with potatoes, carrots and onions all in a lovely tasty tomato sauce which we use here in Corfu as a base for so many recipes.  Served with Feta Cheese and the sauce soaked and mopped up with our freshly baked and local wonderful crusty bread.

This evening I am soaking small white beans overnight to make a soup tomorrow  another famous dish this time soup called Fasolada, as we have fresh Rosemary in our garden along with celery which lifts the taste.  

In our house we proabably only eat Meat once per week, opting for a typical Mediterrean Diet, sometimes with Fish on Fridays.  But in the Winter months Beans, Pulses and Lentils make up the majority of our weekday menus - something I enjoy cooking these simple dishes, they often take a lot of time, which during the summer I just don't have - so I saviour and enjoy their simplicity -  these Corfiot & Greek recipes come the Autumn and Winter.........  I love the rich sauces and bread too........ oh and the Feta Cheese......!!!!

Enjoy your evening too - from A Corfu Village up in the Hills above the main resorts..........

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