Saturday, 4 September 2021

Grapes to Jam

 Grapes to Homemade Jam.

At this time of the year the grapes are ripe oh and the wasps are abundant too.  On our little home vine we have some very nice seedless white grapes.  These really don't make the best wine,(we tried it was awful)  however they are prefect to make what is locally is known as Spoon Fruits.  Or you could just indulge  daily on white grapes but hey there is only so many grapes one can eat in  a day.  So a Google search has made us the perfect jam or spoon fruits.  Yes it is time consuming but so worth it.  No pectin is required if you soak your grapes in Sugar, Vanilla and lemon,  So from our little seedless crop we have a few jars to enjoy on our toast come the Winter when the sky is grey and you need the comfort of homemade jam......

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