Friday 12 August 2022

August in our Village

 August in Our Village.....

As the heat continues a cooler 35c today and the crops ripen I have spent most of today on Google to investigate how to preserve our windfall of beautiful ripe peaches.  Now whilst I enjoy eating fresh fruit there is in fairness only so many one can eat in a day. 

So today I made Peach Jam - something I have never ever considered before.  I always save all our glass jars over the Winter months therefore plenty of storage implements available.  However as I don't add sugar to Coffee (I don't drink Tea either) I went for a quick shop to the local mini market for a bag of sugar.  

After peeling the skins and taking out the pips - the Peaches went on the electric hob with some Lemon Juice -  I followed my recipe via Google and then after cooling and decanting  I now have Peach Jam for toast for a quick breakfast - and I must say it does taste rather delicious too. 

There were far too many Peaches for Jam so the rest are in the freezer for sauces to add to our Winter dishes to enhance the flavour of Pork etc.

So next are the tomatoes - Ari (the husband) loves his garden but has handed me far too many tomatoes. Therefore  it seems I will be back on Google again this evening.

Sending all best wishes, happiness and a great month ahead from our little house in the hillside village......

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