Sunday 18 June 2023



I am often asked what do I do regarding the presence of Mozzies?

Here is what I have discovered over the years here......

I now simply have gone back to Nature to provide the solution.

- I start with showering with a non fragrance soap or shower gel.  I wear Long linen trousers in the evening.

- If sitting outside as the sun drops so at dusk when these little things love to dance and nip I pick some fresh mint from the garden and rub this on my ankles and arms. 

- I pick again from the garden fresh mint and have this in small bowls around the house.

- I hang above the bed a Mosquito Net. (I bought mine whilst working in Kenya - but they are easily available on Amazon and I am sure other sites too).

I gave up on the chemical approach years back - no sprays on my now aging skin (after all I/we need to look after our bodies)

No chemical sprays and plug ins either - looking after our environment and the Ozone.

Nature looking after Nature.

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