Monday 19 February 2024

Spring Onions

 Spring Onions

We had Spring like temperatures over the weekend and in the early afternoon here in NW Corfu - we reached 20c, enjoying the warmth of the sun and had a glass (or 3) of chilled white wine whilst just relaxing, such a shame though once the sun dips below the horizon, it's indoors with the heating on and a chilly damp 6c.  

So is Spring in the air?

Aris decided today, Monday morning as it was a mix of cloud with sunny spells to dig into the garden and do some weeding. My instructions around the wild flowers - please!!!!!

He then brought to me indoors some Spring Onions, known as Fresh Onions here.

Okay, I think what to do with these as it would be a shame for them to be unused as there is only so many a girl can use in a day.

Over to our trusty friend Google.  'How to store Freshly Picked Spring Onions from the garden' ....

So that's just what I did and this midday, accordingly to various Google videos, washed, put in a jar with fresh cold water and added a plastic bag - this will help them survive for over a week.....

I used 2 Spring Onions today with our lettuces, again picked from the garden for a salad for a lunchtime snack.

It's always a lovely learning process when you live n a village. 

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