Sunday 3 April 2016

Another Lazy Sunday in the Village

Spring is here and summer based on today's temps really is just a few weeks away.

With the first UK charters arriving here last week, it is wonderful to see some new faces and some regulars visitors arriving back on this part of the island, that is Corfu's North West coast, the village of Avliotes and the resort areas of Agios Stefanos and Arillas.

Having sat in the garden today with shade temps of 22c and preparing our Sunday lunch, the hubby (Aris) noticed there were some artichokes ready in our garden, so I peeled these and added the hearts to the pork and celery simmering away in the oven. Having also added fresh lemons from our tree it was a very tasteful lunch.


  1. Have a great Sunday, your lunch sounds awesome as do the temperatures, 130 days for us.

  2. Sorry Lesley I did not add my name above

    1. Thank you Karen yes its a lovely sunny day today with forecast over the next few days much the same - Happy Sunday to you........